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Happy Family

Making the Future, Today.


A Feeling That One is Part of a Community

Prica Global Enterprises (PGE) strives to make all persons and residents feel like they are always coming home. We understand that home is a sense of completeness, of being present and in-the-moment. Home is a sense of flow, and we connect this from one place to another. Prica Global designs and creates those spaces and homes where people and places may flow together and in which they always feel at home. Building a home is not building permanence; it’s building a feeling of community for anyone that passes through.

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PGE is an integrated project delivery team with our sister companies that plans, designs, builds, maintains, and leases real estate developments in the Waterloo Region and surrounding areas. It is also a services company active in information technology, procurement services, marketing, and more.

Our property locations are thoughtfully selected to provide accommodations to the renowned tech and university sectors within Waterloo. A fast-growing market, PGE has achieved building milestones through our use of modern and traditional building practices yet to be utilized by other developers in the area.


Our culture comes through collaboration that builds community. We embrace an innovative, creative and forward-thinking mindset which shapes our work into an inspirational landmark.

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