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Let’s Build the Future by Creating Housing for All-Waterloo Community Housing

Where some might see problems in our housing supply, we see solutions just waiting to happen. All it takes is innovation and collaboration!

With this spirit in mind, we approached the crisis of affordable housing that’s sweeping our province with a mindset geared towards creating homes that are cost-effective for residents, but without sacrificing quality. Quality, for PGE, is intrinsic to everything we do!

Our strategy for approaching housing is simple: to create a diverse community that supports all walks of life and income levels. To achieve this goal we must build affordable homes with the same quality of care, craftsmanship, and furnishings, as any other. Everyone should have the opportunity to live in a new development that fits their needs. Everyone deserves a place to call home and that they can be proud of.

How? While some might focus on the word ‘affordable’, we emphasize the concept of community.

Waterloo community housing

PGE believes that every home should bring joy and contribute to cohesive communities. Our community housing program in Waterloo works through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC’s) Mortgage Loan Insurance (MLI) Select program, which emphasizes values shared by PGE: the essential qualities of accessibility, affordability, and energy efficiency.

Accessible, affordable, energy-efficient homes - this is what a great neighbourhood is all about!

First, how can we make homes affordable? The CMHC defines “affordable” as costing less than 30% of a household’s pre-tax income. At PGE’s 203 Albert St. location, we have 18 units dedicated to low, affordable rent, saving our residents more than $1,000+ per month. Residents love where they live, and we’re grateful to have so many wonderful residents working with us!

Secondly, let’s turn to accessibility. Our units try to cater to a wide variety of needs and capabilities. From safe showers with rounded corners, to removing stairs from units, to single-handed hot water taps and much else, units are designed so that everyone can feel truly at home.

Finally: how are we helping the environment, fighting climate change, and saving tenants money on their utility bills? Every one of our units is designed to be energy efficient and give our residents peace of mind that they’re helping keep Waterloo Region green. Our units are 25% more efficient than what the National building code of Canada demands, because PGE utilizes technologies such as LED lights, motion-sensored lighting, high-efficiency toilets, energy-efficient windows, high-efficiency heat pumps, and forced air. And as a quick note, watch the video below to check out a video on our open-loop geothermal heating system at The Hub, which is the largest of its kind in Canada!

203 Albert St.

Every journey needs a beginning. PGE began our community housing program at 203 Albert St. before joining the CMHC MLI Select Program, because we felt it was the right thing to do for our neighbourhood, our residents, and our environment. Today, we’re thrilled that the positive results of the Community Housing Program at 203 Albert St. have spoken for themselves. Residents are eager to stay in their homes long-term. The feeling of belonging, community, and collaboration, are tangible!

Housing is a challenge for many today. With innovation and collaboration, PGE has embraced a spirit of high-craftsmanship and equity that leaves no one behind, and creates exciting communities that are growing quickly.

We’re eager to build the future with you!

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