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How Building Information Modeling (BIM) is preparing PGE for the future

Embracing the Technologies of Tomorrow to Build Today.

Cutting-edge technologies in the development industry-Building Information Modeling
Cutting-Edge Technologies in the Development Industry

Prica Global Enterprises (PGE) is building the future. In order to do so, we need to combine the wisdom of the past with the most advanced and cutting-edge technologies in the development industry today: Building Information Modeling (BIM).

BIM aids us in project development by creating an accurate digital model of a potential building. The model contains information about its design, construction, and operation that can then be studied and tested throughout that development’s life-cycle.

In other words, BIM is an advanced piece of technology that helps us bring our future vision of a building to life. It helps us measure once, twice, or as many times as we can calculate – before we make that first cut or lay that first brick. It allows PGE to skillfully blend imagination and precision in real-time.

How does bim improve collaboration?

Sounds great in theory, but what does BIM actually do in PGE? Ranging across our partners from property and construction management, to customer support, BIM makes it faster and easier for colleagues across PGE to communicate and share data. Let’s take an example of an active job site. BIM acts as a centralized hub that facilitates collaboration, development, coordination, and visualization. Being on the cloud and paperless, BIM can provide teams on-site with the requested information, documents, schedules, training materials, and safety procedures, which improves efficiency, safety, and allows our teams to stay on – and ahead – of schedule.

Moving beyond the job site, advances in data analytics also allows colleagues and stakeholders at every level of PGE to use BIM to gain instant insights into the status of a project. Efficiency, availability, transparency, and ease of use, is maximized. This is not only a benefit for PGE, but for the community that will receive a development that surpasses all expectations.

BIM Collaboration Benefits-Building Information Modeling
BIM Collaboration Benefits

However, what makes BIM such an incredible tool is that it shares the overarching spirit of PGE to embrace collaboration. Collaboration is what builds our culture across all of our partners. The centralized hub of BIM allows us all to collaborate within and between partners on a very technical level of precision and advancement, by allowing each team and employee from across PGE to come together, analyze and discuss data, and resolve any issues or concerns about a building or project before a shovel even hits the ground. BIM is a paperless, real-time data sharing system that makes working together smoother and easier than ever.

The construction industry is eager to incorporate new technologies. PGE has embraced BIM’s introduction to cloud computing, virtual reality designs, Lidar scanning and point clouds, Artificial intelligence (AI), API integrations, and much more. This planning tool opens up new possibilities in both the physical and digital worlds.

BIM Automation

BIM also allows us to automate and customize the flows of data and other digital processes underpinning much of PGE’s operations. This makes our entire operation faster, more efficient, and more effective at getting information to the partners and teams that need it the most. Property Management is becoming increasingly reliant on BIM data, and automating BIM analytics into our operations helps to facilitate new operations in our CRM management. This will not only boost operational efficiency going forth but assist us with greater customer support.

We’re now in the midst of a major shift in the construction industry, and PGE is eager to face the changes of tomorrow by embracing BIM today. In the history of the development industry, there have been moments where new pieces of technology take far too long to be adopted and implemented, and projects suffer from poor design and decision-making as a result. Our mentality, therefore, is to be forward-thinking regarding helping new technologies, to utilize their best qualities across design, construction, and operation phases, and create the best communities that lead the way locally, nationally, and even globally. No company and no person can go forward or grow upward without adapting to change and trying new things, and we aim to excel at these qualities as we grow and succeed.

From AI to the metaverse to building greener infrastructure to maximize energy efficiency and fight climate change, BIM will be a keystone for our entire industry going forth. We at PGE are excited to embrace and use it to grow our minds, developmental possibilities, and communities.


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