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Creativity and Construction:

When different backgrounds collaborate, innovation emerges

Creativity in Construction
Foster innovation through creative collaboration.

In a world characterized by rapid change, from geopolitical shifts to economic turbulence and the urgent need to combat climate change, globalization is accelerating at an unprecedented pace.

A technological revolution has given us devices such as air travel, the ease of communication through smartphones, and the vastness of the internet. What was once considered as science fiction only decades ago, is normal for our world today. The global population has experienced a boom, leading to diverse groups of people and cultures emigrating around the world to new places and spaces, in search of better opportunities, adventure, or a home to raise a family and build their futures.

Creativity and Construction

In light of these developments, we must question: what happens when different peoples, backgrounds, and perspectives, come together to pursue a shared and common goal? What happens in the fields of architecture, design, and construction?

At Prica Global Enterprises (PGE), we are dedicated to promoting international diversity. Our company is located in Waterloo, Canada and we have an exceptional team of professionals who come from different parts of the world. This diverse group of talented individuals allows us to develop innovative projects, implement effective project management strategies, and foster a dynamic team culture. Today, they are actively collaborating with us to shape the future of Waterloo Region and beyond.

Our team consists of employees with backgrounds across the world, hailing from Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Columbia, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Lagos, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Serbia, Taiwan, Tanzania, and of course – Canada. What this means for our teams at PGE is that different perspectives and backgrounds work together, providing novel and unique insights that might be missed if everyone shared a uniform or identical mindset and mentality.

International collaboration builds stronger foundations: both as an organization, and within projects and teams themselves.

Promoting international diversity in the fields of creativity and construction.
Promoting international diversity in the fields of creativity and construction.

The Role of Creativity in Construction

Whether it is a specific project or an entire organization, one of the biggest reasons for stagnation and failure is what psychologists have defined as ‘groupthink’. This occurs when a group of people think and act uniformly, and differences are squelched or regarded as a problem. Pressure to conform to a group’s norms and standards reduces dissent, critical questioning and thinking about strategic priorities, and inhibits creativity by treating differences as aberrations or qualities ‘rocking the group boat’. This is a dangerous situation when a critical thinker or dissenter has an important point to make, but is afraid or unable to make it.

On the contrary, at PGE, we strive to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Critical thinking and the sharing of contrasting ideas and opinions are the catalysts for innovation and creativity in construction.

Nurturing a Creative Environment

Creativity emerges from diversity. When individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives collaborate to reach a shared goal, or to problem-solve, through the contrast of shared ideas comes novel solutions.

There is no telling what the future might bring in the fluid fields of architecture, design, construction, and property management. But one thing that is certain is the strength that different backgrounds create when visions and dreams are woven together into the design and construction of an innovative development.



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